Dream high 3 Ep.1


ZN was a perfect man, he was a chinese but he lived in indonesia.One day, he waned to move to korea to succeed his dream as K-Star, but there was one ticket only.The ticket was for a couple.He tried to persuade a pretty girl but he failed and ended with a fat girl.He was in a plane and played facebook.He liked to add korean people in facebook.

Suddenly a girl named min chae rim posted her photo in fb.ZN commented, “do you have only one eye?hahahaha?”Then, chae rim replied his comments, chae rim’ŝ friends also commented too with korean language.ZN didn’τ understand and he used google translator to translate it.ZN replied, “I’м a star,I’m not a comedian, I can sing like kim jong hyun and I can rap like zico.Chae rim and friends replied his comment.ZN used google translator, but it failed.

ZN kept commenting, but suddenly the signal was unavailable, because the plane was almost reach korea and his sim card was an indonesian operator.Zn was mad.Then, he fell asleep.Finally, he reached Korea, the paradise.He took his luggage and went out from the airport.He kept walking in the street without knowing his destination.

He kept walking and and hit a girl.That was chae rim and her friends!He was really shocked and said” annyeonghaseyo, annyeonghi gaseyo” Then he ran across the street.Chae rim and her friends kept walking and saw a poster “Dream high wannabe, the prize is schoolarship in kirin art high school.”Chae rim and her friends really wanted to participate.Next, they go to chae rim’ŝ house to practice.

ZN kept walking and find a brochure hits his face suddenly.The brochure contented ” High class apartment with free sporty car”.ZN suddenly went there with taxi.ZN finally reached there, so many people had bought the apartment and there was one only.ZN paid double for it, and he got it.He went to his room and put all his things there, tidied up the room.Then, he slept on ǎ sofa.

At the same time, chae rim and her friends went to her apartment.Chae rim’ŝ room was beside ZN’ŝ apartment.Chae rim and her friends entered her apartment.Her friends were really happy there, they ate chae rim’ŝ foods and really had fun there.Chae rim’ŝ and her friends saw the video of dream high.They practiced and the speaker volume was so high.ZN woke up and knocked the room beside his room.

Suddenly, chae rim and her friends went out and saw what had happened.They found ZN.Once again, ZN said “annyeonghaseyo” Chae rim and his friends was really shocked.ZN said,”hahahaha, we’ll meet each other everyday” Chae rim and her friends said something that he didn’τ understand.ZN directly closed the door.ZN was starving, he went out with his new car and went to a cafe.

He looked a girl in front of the cafe.ZN stopped in front of that girl.That girl knocked his car’ŝ window.ZN opened the window, and that girl asked him to come and eat in the cafe.ZN said” ha!okay3x!.Then They sang Block B- Nanrina.After that, they did introduction,that girl’ŝ name was mina and they ate together in the cafe.

They talked so much and finally ZN asked her,”is there any korean-english dictionary and sim card in here?” Mina replied,”all û need is in beside this restaurant”.ZN directly went there.ZN bought it and backed to his apartment.Then, he found chae rim was waiting for him in the car parking.

Chae rim brought her dictionary and ZN too.Chae rim said”I love you so much!Go away!”, ZN replied,”I love û too and I don’τ wanna go away”.Chae rim replied,”No!I hate û, go away”.ZN didn’τ reply her and took her dictionary.Zn ran and chae rim followed his back.Suddenly, ZN hit a man who was carrying a kimchi.The kimchi fell to his face and clothes.

Chae eun laughed out loud.ZN seemed so mad and run to chae rim and hug her.Chae rim got dirty too and ZN gave her dictionary back.ZN lol and entered his room, chae eun too.ZN took a bath, then he phoned his mother.His mother asked him went to school and sent the school adress.ZN closed the phone and slept, Chae rim slept too.In the morning,

ZN woke up early and prepared his first time to go to school in korea.ZN wanted to go to school with chae rim together.ZN took his dictionary.ZN knocked her door, but there waŝ no reply.ZN knocked again, then she said “wait a minute (Korean language)”ZN searched in the meaning of quickly in the dictionary.

He didn’τ find it and found”Fire(korean)”.He directly shouted out loudly, ” Fire!fire!”.Chae rim went out with her night dress and messy hair.ZN shouted again and lol.chae rim went back and prepared up.ZN kept waiting, saw suzy.ZN really loved suzy!He asked for suzy’ŝ sign, then suzy gave him.Finally, chae rim went out and ZN shouted again “Fire!” Chae rim didn’τ care about him.

He asked chae rim to go with him together.Chae rim usually walked to the school.But at that time, chae eun was really lazy to walk and she had no choice.Chae rim and ZN went to school together.Chae rim told him where was her school.ZN didn’τ want to tell where was his school, actually they were in a same school and wore the same uniform.

Finally, they reached the school and ZN and chae rim walked together.Chae rim was confuse and ZN said “I want to go to toilet” chae rim kept going to her class, she met her friend and had a chit-chat while ZN was hiding somewhere. The bell rang loudly and the class started!The teacher in chae rim’ŝ class said that there would be a new student in there.Suddenly, ZN entered the class and introduced himself.Chae rim and her friends were really shocked!(To be continued)


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